Since its inception, Value Bridge has been offering practical solutions and recognized methodologies to its customers when they face complex situations.

Our solutions

Zero Based Budgeting

Budget should be understood as the administration strategic financial plan for a given year. It is a representation of the annual breakdown of the business plan and shows forecasts of revenues, taxes, costs and expenses, as well as investments for a company.

In the Zero Base Budgeting (ZBB), we run a model where areas make their best forecasts of revenues, costs and expenses without spending too much time analyzing the past. At the same time, we have built a cost prioritization methodology that allows for a drastic cost reduction and SG&A (Selling, General & Administrative Expenses).

Management Maturity Level Diagnosis

Through a structured methodology we evaluate the processes, systems and organizational structure of the various areas of the company, identifying gaps comparing to best practices, always considering the company strategic drivers. This methodology provides a map of opportunities which will be  prioritized and presented for the implementation phase.

Organizational restructuring and performance improvement

Based on our diagnosis and experience of numerous projects of our team, we promote performance improvement in the areas of Finance, Commercial, Operations, Human Resources and Management.

Strategic Planning

Just as important as planning for the future is building the foundation for monitoring and executing strategic initiatives. Strategy without execution does not translate into results. We supply methodologies throughout the process, from scenario analysis to the deployment of goals in all areas of the organization.

Post Merger Integration

We understand by post merger synergies all the gains made when we analyze business with areas that have some kind of complementarity or overlap.

By analyzing processes, systems and people, we develop a post-merger synergy plan where all gains are identified and prioritized, enabling the company to capture these opportunities.

Integração pós fusão

Recent Projects

Cliente Value Bridge

In December 2018, we completed the shared management project of Spicy, a home appliance brand that currently has a network of 40 stores throughout Brazil. The scope of the project involved restructuring teams, updating sales channel strategies, and implementing various retail transformational projects.


Karsten is the sixth longest-running company in Brazil, a reference in providing beauty, comfort, superior quality and innovation in Bed, Table, Bath and Decoration. In December 2018, we completed an OBZ (Zero Base Budget) project based on indirect expenses with significant reduction, without compromising the strategic initiatives.

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