Value Bridge was born in 2010 founded by professionals with solid executive and management consulting experience. With a history of making impactful changes in the management of various companies, Value Bridge partners envisioned the creation of a consultancy capable of bringing together efficient capital structures and the best management techniques, hence the choice of our name: a bridge of value.

We believe that all methodologies used should be robust and reliable enough to deliver results very quickly and consistently. Therefore, we always strive to work with techniques that are proven to solve our customers' problems.

We apply all our efforts, working practically, intensely and with good judgment. This is a hallmark of all our partners and associates, which makes our customers recognize us as trusted partners when seeking assistance to improve their performance, restructure as well as assist them in a merger and / or operation. acquisition.

We invite you to learn more about our team, our values ​​and our vision.


Generate wealth for our customers, partners and associates, building a bridge between efficient capital structure and better management techniques.


Endereço / Address

Alameda dos Maracatins, 1.217 | Sala 607
CEP 04089-014 - Moema
São Paulo - SP Brasil


Telefones / Phone Numbers

+55 11 4324-5898

+55 11 95786-4748